2017 State Livestock Judging Contest – Results

The State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest was held on Tuesday, June 20 in Greenville, KY at the Muhlenberg County Agriculture & Convention Center. There were 14 Caldwell County 4-H’ers that competed in the Clover, Intermediate and Senior Divisions.

Summary of Clover awards :

Laken White – 2nd in goats, 5th in Sheep, 2nd in Swine, 1st in Beef, and 1st in Non-Traditional

Presley McKinney – 3rd in goats, 1st in Sheep, 3rd in Swine, 5th in Beef, and 3rd in Non-traditional

Isaac Lane – 5th in goats, 5th in Swine, 7th in Beef, and 4th in Non-Traditional

Laney McConnell – 8th in Sheep, 6th in Swine, 4th in Beef, and 7th in Non-Traditional

Daniel Laurent – 6th in Sheep, 8th in Swine, and 2nd in Non-Traditional

Paycen Rogers – 9th in goats, and 7th in Swine

Addeline Conger – 4th in sheep, and 10th in Non-Traditional

The Clover Team placed High Team Overall in Goats, Sheep, Swine, Beef, and Non-Traditional (All of the divisions!)

High Individual Clovers Overall

1 st place – Laken White

2 nd place – Presley McKinney

5 th place – Laney McConnell

6 th place – Isaac Lane

9 th place – Paycen Rogers

***The Caldwell County Clover Team placed High Clover Team Overall and received the Beeler Award which is awarded to the high Clover team each year in memory of Emily Beeler.

Summary of Intermediate Awards:

Noah Peake- 6th in Swine, and 2nd in Beef

Katy Trimble – 6th in Goats, 4th in Reasons

Shelby Lane – 6th in Sheep, 8th in Beef

High Individual Intermediate Overall:

5th place – Noah Peake

8th place – Shelby Lane

***The Intermediate Team placed 2nd in Sheep, 3rd in Swine, 2nd in Beef, 2nd High Team Reasons and 3rd Overall

Caldwell County 4-H Livestock Judging Team members competing in the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest were:

Clovers: Addeline Conger, Evan Cotton, Isaac Lane, Daniel Laurent, Laney McConnell, Presley McKinney, Paycen Rogers, Laken White

Intermediate: Alyssa Denham, Noah Peake, Shelby Lane, Katy Trimble

Seniors: Hunter Adams, Madux Cummins

Coaches: Kevin Laurent & Candy Adams