Candidates for Caldwell County Judge Executive let the community know where they stand on certain issues at a political forum Monday, September 24th.

Both candidates answered the same three questions, one of which was what issues they see facing Caldwell County as a whole.

Republican candidate Larry Curling said the main issues he’s encountered are county roads and job opportunities. Curling said the county is currently backlogged on paving roads due to lower gas prices. The state receives a portion of gas prices to be used for upkeep of roads, so the lower the gas prices the lower the amount the state gets for paving. Curling said the way to resolve the backup is to build relationships with state employees. 

Curling then went on to explain how the county can work to bring more job opportunities to the area. 

When asked the same question, Democratic candidate Phillip Sisk stated what he considered were the most pressing issues for the county.

Sisk went on to say that it is a group effort across local and state government to help resolves issues.

Audio clips from each candidate will be released over the next couple of days during the Tiger Talk Morning Show at 8AM. Candidates for Magistrate District 2 and District 4 were also a part of the political forum on September 24th.