November is Adoption Awareness Month and the story of two local families keeps adoption very near and dear to their hearts.

Back in 2012 Brock and Melissa Thomas, of Princeton, started the process to adopt a child but they had no idea what lay ahead for their family, another local family, and five orphaned siblings.

While the Thomas’ were working through the process to bring home two children from Haiti, local family, Brian and Johannah Wynn, were also attempting to adopt internationally. Melissa says they learned that both families matched with a set of four siblings. 

But knowing that the four siblings would come to live in the same town in the states didn’t make the process any smoother. Several delays and issues with faulty paperwork drug the process along but it didn’t deter either family from bringing the siblings home. Melissa says that on a trip to Haiti, that was originally supposed to be a trip to bring their two children home, she discovered something that made the wait worth-while, a fifth sibling.

In 2016 the four younger siblings made their way home to the states and the Thomas’ started the process to adopt the eldest sister. This past summer the elder sister made the move to the states and joined her four younger siblings. Melissa said that despite the hiccups it’s been a huge blessing being able to bring all five siblings home. 

For more on the their story you can catch our full interview with Melissa Thomas below.