Alonzo Pennington, Democratic Candidate for Kentucky’s 1st District in the US House of Representatives, was in studio Tuesday morning to talk to WPKY about his campaign.

Alonzo started out by telling listeners that running for office has always been in the back of his mind and when Sam Gaskins decided to withdraw from the congressional race for health reasons, Alonzo felt it was his time. He stated that the qualifications to run for congress are merely to be older than age 25, be an American citizen for at least seven years, and be a citizen of the district in which you’re running. He met all the qualifications, so Alonzo wondered, why shouldn’t he run. He went on to say that wasn’t it time that a normal working class American ran to represent the normal working class American.

Alonzo then said that he’s speaking from his heart, not pre-planned scripts, and would work to accurately represent his constituents. He said it wasn’t about party lines, that he wouldn’t get to Washington D.C. and be too scared to stand up for what he believes in, even if it doesn’t align completely with his party. If elected he will work to make sure every voice is heard and will fight for what’s right and fair. Instead of helping the top 1% benefit at the expense of the working class he will work to keep thing equal among all classes.

Alonzo also stated that he will be available to his constituents and will reply to their emails and calls authentically, not just with a vague copy and pasted reply. He mentioned that there are over 720,000 people in the First Congressional District in Kentucky and that each of those voices deserve to be heard and fought for.

Alonzo then told listeners that he will have a meet and greet “Jam with the Candidate” on Thursday night at 8PM at the Crooked Tail on East Washington Street in Princeton for all those in the area who wish to know more about him and his campaign. You can also find him on Facebook at Alonzo Pennington for Congress or by visiting

You can catch the full interview with Alonzo Pennington below.