Archery deer hunting season is now open at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Those hunting with bow and arrow in Kentucky can do so until October 25th, as well as from October 29th through November 15th and November 19th through January 6th. Those wishing to hunt with a crossbow may due so until October 21st, as well as from November 10th through 15th, and November 19th through December 31st.

Hunters must possess a valid State Hunting License/Deer Permit, and a Hunter Safety Card according to Kentucky state regulations. Hunters 16 and older also need a Land Between the Lakes Hunter Use Permit which can be found online or at Land Between the Lakes visitor centers or where Kentucky licenses are sold.

According to a press release from LBL archers may harvest one deer, either sex, within the park in Kentucky but that LBL has a one-buck bag limit, per hunter, per year, by any method. All deer do count towards statewide deer bag limits.

The press release also says archers with required state licenses or permits may also harvest one turkey, of either sex, squirrels, woodchucks, coyotes, and armadillos. It is illegal to hunt feral hogs at LBL, if any are spotted, report sightings at the visitor centers.

For more information about archery season at LBL visit