Ashley White, Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences at the UK Extension Office, was in studio Wednesday morning for WPKY’s weekly Extension Program.

Ashley first told listeners about a new program the Extension Office will be offering this year. Ashley and Joni Phelps will be conducting taste tests for recipes found in the Nutrition Education Program Calendar and Plate It Up Kentucky Proud program. The first taste test will be on Tuesday, January 16th from 11:30AM to 12:30PM at the Extension Office located on Highway 62 West in Princeton. Ashley and Joni will make the recipe and will have small samples for people to come by and try and then give suggestions and feedback on. They will also have recipe cards for people to take home. The taste test days are free but they are asking that you call the office at 270-365-2787 a day before so that they know how many samples to prepare.

Ashley then told listeners of the next #adulting class, Sewing 101, on Tuesday January 16th at 6PM at the Extension Office. The workshop will cover basic sewing skills like sewing on a button, fixing a tear or hem, and more. The workshop is free but you do need to register a day before and can do so by calling the Extension Office.

Ashley then mentioned that Weight Loss Wars will start on Thursday, January 18th at 5:30PM at the Extension Office. It’s a five week program and competition. This year Caldwell County will be competing with Lyon County. There will be individual winners in each county and then the county with the highest weight loss percentage will win. Each class will include a simple recipe, a brief activity that you can then do at home, challenges, and a weigh in. Ashley assured listeners that the weigh ins will not be done in front of the whole class and will be kept confidential. She also said that people are allowed to participate in the classes but not participate in the competition and weigh ins. You can call the Extension Office at 270-365-2787 for more information or to register.

Ashley also reminded listeners that the next Supper Club workshop will be on Monday, January 22nd at 6PM at the Extension Office and is a free cooking workshop that shows you how to cook quick and easy meals. Even though the workshop is free you do need to register and can do so by calling the office at least a day before the class.

Ashley then told listeners that the Caldwell County Homemakers club will be hosting a Super Bowl of Caring food drive from January 22nd to February 2nd and will be accepting non-perishable food items at the Extension Office during that time. The food will then be given to local food banks.

If you have any questions about upcoming programs being offered or if you wish to register you can call the Extension Office at 270-365-2787.

You can catch the full interview with Ashley White below.