Beth Mann, CEO and President of Ham Broadcasting, was in studio Wednesday morning to introduce herself to the community and give an update about the future of WPKY the Tiger.

Beth, who grew up in Elkton, has been involved with broadcasting for over thirty years and has worked for Ham Broadcasting for about 25 years. She now owns and operates five stations, two AM and three FM, including WKDZ in Cadiz and WHVO in Hopkinsville. Beth stated she is excited to add WPKY to the Ham Broadcasting family but explained that currently the company has entered into a management agreement with Tiger Media, LLC. This means that Ham Broadcasting is operating WPKY but does not own it until the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approves the licensing transfer.

While this process could take until the end of the year Beth’s team has already begun to integrate into the community. Beth assured listeners that there will be no immediate change in format but rather her team of 30 plus employees will work to improve and update the system and programming.

A major priority to the Ham Broadcasting team is local sports. Beth plans on improving the quality of broadcasting by supplying more equipment and transferring broadcasts from a cellular to a digital platform. will also add to the local sports by taking Tigers’ coverage to a new level while also keeping the community connected to other sports happening around the region.

Beth also stated that her plans include providing more local news. Changes to the current news format and the addition of more local news spots throughout the day will premiere across the next month.

All in all, Beth and her team are excited about investing in more equipment for the station, amping up it’s range so it can be heard across all of Caldwell County, and polishing things that make the station unique and community centered, like it’s streaming services. But she does have a request for WPKY’s listeners, continue to support the station, give positive feedback, and help it grow. Beth stated that the station will grow as large as the community wants it to. The station is here to serve the community, but the community must in turn support the station. If done, both community and station will thrive for years to come.

You can catch the full interview with Beth Mann below.