Effective January 8, 2018 at 10:30 AM, a Boil Water Advisory has been issued
until further notice for the following Caldwell County Water District customers:

Adamson Rd
Alsobrook Rd
Bethany Church Rd
Bethlehem Cemetery Rd
Black Creek Rd
Bright Hill Rd
Bright Life Ln
Brown Hill Rd
Bugg Branch Rd
Byron Ridge Rd
Calvert Rd
Carner Hill Rd
Cecil Sigler Rd
Coleman Crider Rd
Craig Cemetery Rd
Crayne Cemetery Rd
Creswell Rd
Crider Dulaney
Crider Rd
Cruce Rd
Dalton Rd
Donaldson Rd
Drennan Rd
Dunning Rd
East White Sulphur Rd
Easy St
Echo Valley Rd
Enon Rd
Farmersville Rd
Flat Rock Loop Rd
Flatrock Bluff Rd
Flynn Ferry Rd
Fralick Hollow Rd
Frogs Ln
Goodsprings Rd
Gosche Hollow Rd
Grey Rd
Guill Rd
Guy Bell Rd
Hamps Trail
Henry Phelps Rd

Hidden Meadow Ln
Hughes Rd
Hulker Rd
Hwy 506
Hwy 62 W
1351 – 8786 Hwy 70
Hwy 902
Jenkins Rd
Keel Rd
Livingston Cemetery Rd
Marion Rd
Meadowlark Ln
Morgan Hill Rd
Morse Cemetery Rd
N Creswell Rd
Norman Cemetery Rd
Old Fredonia Rd
Petes Path
Pidcock Rd
Piney Creek Rd
Pleasant Hill Rd
Pleasant Valley Rd
Quail Dr
Ralphs Trace
Red Bud Trail Rd
Ronald White Rd
Rowland Cemetery Rd
Rustin Rd
S Creswell Rd
S Thompson Rd
Sherill Rd
Stewarts Ln
Towery Cemetery Rd
Turley Rd
Tyrie Rd
Union Grove School Rd
Victor Hillyard Rd
West Fork Rd
West White Sulphur Rd
Wayne McGowan Rd
Wynn Rd

For more information you can contact the Caldwell County Water District at (270) 365-9381
or by visiting www.caldwellcountywaterdistrict.com.