Bro. Harrell Riley, director of HR Ministries, was in studio Thursday morning to talk to WPKY about HR Ministries and some things coming up this year.

Bro. Harrell started off by thanking all the volunteers, local businesses, and individuals who have given their resources during 2017 to the ministry. During 2017 alone, over 2,000 people were lead to Christ, over 800 inmates graduated from the various prison ministries, and there were around 7,000 who attended the three day SolQuest event. Through their various ministries and special events people were able to make a large imprint that was felt farther than just here in this community. Bro. Harrell again thanked everyone who put their resources this past year, including the 250 volunteers who are the ground on a daily basis doing work for the ministry.

Bro. Harrell then told listeners about the goals they have for the new year. First, they are hoping to have Joseph’s Storage Bin’s new location on Main Street open by the beginning of February. They had hoped to get it open sooner, however with the drop in temperatures it’s inhibited volunteer work. Second, they are wanting to move their offices into the new building, which will require some updates to parts of the building. Bro. Harrell said they will begin working on that when the time is right. Thirdly, they want to get the banquet room in the new building ready and functioning. The room will be used by HR Ministries for training and equipping but will also be available to the public to be used as a meeting or gathering room. Bro. Harrell did mention that there would probably be some limitations to use the room in order to make sure the room will be used to further community activities. And their fourth goal for the building is to have a prayer room available for the community.

Bro. Harrell also mentioned that when people in the community drop off their things at Joseph’s Storage Bin it allows HR Ministries to provide several services in the county, whether that’s financial or otherwise. It also allows HR Ministries to give back to the community by helping sponsor events, such as the West Kentucky Hoops Classic. But, Bro. Harrell warned, he didn’t want people to then use HR Ministries as an excuse not to help someone they see in need. He urged listeners that if you see someone in need and have the means to help them, don’t be like the those in parable of the Good Samaritan who walked by, but rather be that Good Samaritan and help them. HR Ministries is always glad to receive calls of people in need, but they don’t want that to be an excuse for someone else to not extending a helping hand.

Bro. Harrell then told listeners that if anyone is interested in volunteering for HR Ministries they can call their offices at 270-365-6044 or visit to get a volunteer application. The application will have several areas of interest that you can choose and then you will be put in contact with those areas so you can find the spot within the ministry that’s right for you.

You can catch the full interview with Bro. Harrell Riley below.