Caldwell County will soon have wider access to broadband internet through a fiber optic highway being installed across the entire state.

Jim Askins, a representative for Kentucky Wired, held two informational meetings in Princeton on Tuesday to introduce citizens to the program which aims to bring broadband internet connectivity to all 120 of Kentucky’s counties. 

Askins said that there are approximately 1,100 sites that will be connected through the project. In Caldwell County those sites include the County Clerk’s Office, both Health and Family Services locations, the Courthouse Annex, the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, the high school and the George Coon Public Library. Askins stressed that Kentucky Wired will only go part of the way. 

He added that getting internet throughout communities is the reason for the open access part of the project. 

Fiber optic lines will cut Caldwell in half traveling along US 62 as well as branching off through Fredonia along US 641 to bring access to Crittenden County. Ring 4, which includes all of western Kentucky, has a target completion date of October 13, 2020. At that point all 1,100 sites across the state will be up and running but homes and businesses will not be connected at that time. It will then be up to local entities to provide the last mile to reach residential and commercial customers.

For more information and updates about Kentucky Wired you can call 888-511-9918 or visit their website here.