Caldwell County Attorney, Bridgie Miller, was in studio Thursday morning to talk to WPKY about various Kentucky law related items.

Attorney Miller took the first few moments to talk about Rocket Docket, which is a quicker way to send cases through the court system and is a grant program that requires all county attorneys to participate. When cases are heard in district court a prosecutor from the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office can move that case immediately to circuit court so long as the defendant agrees. There would be no violations of rights of the defendant and the case could move through the court system in a fourth of the time it would normally take to process.

Attorney Miller then spoke of new changes coming down from new state legislation. He mentioned several things including, House Bill 50 that deals with charter schools, which are private schools that can get state funding. Changes in how assault cases in hospitals are handled, law enforcement can now arrest someone for assault anywhere in a hospital, not just in the emergency room. The expunging of juvenile records after a certain amount of time. The expansion of more religious freedoms at public schools and universities. House Bill 315, which requires booster seats to be used in motor vehicles for children 8 and under and 40 to 57 inches in height, and stricter consequences for not paying child support. Attorney Miller also spoke about the expansion of the ignition interlock device for those in the process of reinstating their license after a DUI suspension, which could be used to keep a vehicle from starting if the driver blows higher than the legal limit on alcohol.

Attorney Miller insisted that everyone always be aware of laws in the state, and other states, especially when it comes to conceal and carry and driving privileges. Attorney Miller reminded listeners that now that the Circuit Court Clerk is no longer sending out reminders of an expiring driver’s license it’s imperative that you know when yours expires. If you exceed the grace period you will have to take the driver’s test again in order to update your license. He also reminded listeners to have car insurance, not having any could result in steep fines, jail-time, increasing of insurance rate prices, and even the suspension of your driver’s license.

Attorney Miller took the last few minutes to congratulate the Caldwell County Boys Baseball team on their great season and for their 2nd Region win before congratulating two important members of the community on their retirement, Caldwell County School Superintendent Carroll Boyd, and Times Leader Editor-in-Chief, Chip Hutcheson.

You can watch the full interview with Caldwell County Attorney Bridgie Miller below.