The Caldwell County Fiscal Court met in regular session Tuesday morning at the courthouse in downtown Princeton.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Caldwell County Judge Executive Ellen Dunning called the meeting to order and County Clerk Toni Watson called roll.

The court then unanimously approved the agenda and the minutes for the January 9th meeting.

The meeting then moved to Judge Executive comments and Judge Dunning started off by calling for a time of silence for the those affected by the shooting at Marshall County High School. Judge Dunning also extended her thoughts and prayers to those affected and the Marshall County community. Judge Dunning then thanked the Caldwell County Road Department for all of the work they did in getting and keeping the roads clear during the recent winter storm event. She also thanked Caldwell County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Ladd for delivering Meals on Wheels during the snow event when PACS transportation couldn’t. She also thanked all those who helped remove snow and ice around the courthouse. Judge Dunning then mentioned that the Lake Barkley Partnership has changed it’s bi-laws to include Crittenden County and now includes Lyon, Caldwell, and Crittenden. The partnership is now looking to hire an economic director to serve all three counties.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business of which there was none so the meeting moved to new business. The court then unanimously authorized Treasurer’s transfers and to pay bills as presented.

The meeting then moved to department and committee reports. Caldwell County PVA Ronald Wood addressed the court about Governor Matt Bevin’s proposed budget. PVA Wood stated that he would be heading to Frankfort to meet with other PVAs from across the state to discuss the cuts the Governor has proposed, which include a 17 percent cut to their budget, or around $2.5 million. PVA Wood said that this cut would make it unsustainable for local PVAs and that he’s afraid it will result in jobs lost for Caldwell and surrounding counties if the proposal goes through.

Caldwell County Jailer Jon Petit then addressed the court with similar concerns. Governor Bevin’s proposed budget would cut funding to the Department of Corrections which would filter down to county levels, resulting in extreme cuts to salaries for deputies and cuts to the day to day operation of the jails. Jailer Petit then thanked the court for consistently standing up for the jail and it’s employees in the past and hoped that the court would again stand up for them.

The meeting then moved to Magistrate’s comments and Magistrate Phillip Sisk addressed those present and implored them to contact their legislators and let their thoughts be heard about the proposed budget.

The court then unanimously approved adjournment. The next Caldwell County Fiscal Court meeting will be held on February 13th and is open to the public.