The Caldwell County Fiscal Court met in regular session Tuesday morning at the courthouse in downtown Princeton.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Judge Executive Ellen Dunning called the meeting to order and County Clerk Toni Watson called roll. The court then unanimously approved the agenda and the minutes from the December 28th meeting.

Judge Dunning then welcomed all of the special guests, most of which included the winners of the 2017 Trash Sculpture Contest and their parents and guardians. She then mentioned that several county officials would be attending the Kentuckians for Better Transportation meeting next week in Lexington.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business, of which there was none, so the meeting moved to new business of which there were several items. The first item of new business was to approve Caldwell County’s Fiscal Court employees. After a motion and a second the court unanimously approved the motion.

The next item of new business was to approve the 2018 Caldwell County Clerk’s Estimated Budget and Deputies Maximum. The county clerk’s budget runs from January to December as opposed to the fiscal year. County Clerk Watson mentioned that there would be increases in retirement but was unsure of how much do to legislation still being talked about. After a motion and a second the court unanimously approved the motion.

The next item of new business was the presentation of the 2017 Trash Sculpture Contest winners. Rhonda Jewell, 4-H Agent at the UK Extension Office, then stood and addressed the court. Mrs. Jewell stated that the trash sculpture contest is a collaboration between Livingston, Caldwell, Christian, and Trigg counties and is made possible thanks to support from the fiscal court. There is no other contest like it in the state. The contest is for grades kindergarten through 12th grade and there are three levels of competition, the school level, county level and regional level. Mrs. Jewell then introduced the 2017 winners. Winners at the primary school included Addie Cotton, who received first, Caroline White, who received second, and Hazel Wynn, who received third. All three went on to win in their age group in the county as well. Winners at the elementary school included Sawyer Forrester, who received first place, Jesse Mott, who received second, and Timmy Martin, who received third. All three went on to win in their age group in the county and Sawyer Forrester went on to win first in the region in his age group as well as Best in Show. Winners at the middle school included Nolan Lewis, who received first place. You can see photos of the winners and their pieces on our Facebook page.

The next item of new business was a presentation by John H. Stevens from TremCare. He stood and addressed the court concerning the roof at the courthouse’s annex. TremCare, which has a longstanding maintenance agreement with the county, conducts building inspections every year. Last year’s inspection was done in October and the annex was ruled in fair condition, however, in December they were called in after issues with the roof leaking were reported. Mr. Stevens said that the cold weather had done some major damage to the roof and he suggested the court look into replacing it. He recommended that the court go with a modified bitumen roof. This type of roof would last 30 years or more and would require less upkeep. The current roof on the annex is a single-ply roof, which is basically a piece of rubber and PVC stretched to fit across the roof. Magistrate Larry Curling spoke up saying that in his experience dealing with the roofing materials for the county’s schools, going with the modified bitumen roof was the best way to go. Magistrate Elbert Bennett then made a motion for the court to move forward in replacing the roof. After a second the court unanimously approved that they move forward in the process.

The court then unanimously approved the monthly financial statements, Treasure’s transfers, and to pay bills as presented.

The meeting then moved to department reports. Emergency Management Coordinator Joey McCaslin stood and addressed the court about the current boil water advisory for all of the northwest part of the county. He stated that the county water system was experiencing several random areas of low pressure throughout the affected area and that they were working diligently to find and fix the issues. Currently they have been able to fix most of them, but some areas are still experiencing low pressure. He stated that the boil water advisory will continue until they can resolve all of the issues and get water samples back from testing. Mr. McCaslin then said that through the county’s Code Red system they were able to make about 580 calls to that area to notify them of the boil water advisory. However, the system can only notify you of emergencies if you are signed up. Sign up is free, quick and easy. To sign up, go to and click on the “Register for Emergency Notifications” link, follow the instructions, and you will successfully sign up. If you do not have access to the internet or have troubles navigating you can call the Emergency Management office at 270-365-4658 and leave a message stating you wish to sign up for Code Red Weather Warning. They will call you back, get your information, and do the sign up for you. Mr. McCaslin then mentioned that weather warnings will only be sent to you when the National Weather Service has issued a warning for your area. Mr. McCaslin also said that they will use Code Red to notify residences when the boil water advisory has been lifted. If you are unsure if you are affected by the boil water advisory you can click here, check out our Facebook page, or visit for the list of those affected.

Judge Dunning then spoke up reminding those assembled that the courthouse will be closed on Monday, January 15th, for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and suggested that everyone attend the Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon at the Central Presbyterian Church at noon on Monday.

A motion was then made for adjournment and after a second the meeting adjourned. The next regular session Caldwell County Fiscal Court meeting will be January 23rd and is open to the public.