The Caldwell County Fiscal Court met in regular session Tuesday morning at the courthouse in downtown Princeton.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Caldwell County Judge Executive Ellen Dunning called the meeting to order and County Clerk Toni Watson called roll. The court then unanimously approved the agenda and the minutes for the July 10th meeting.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business, of which there was none, so the meeting moved to new business. The first item of new business was an update on Kentucky Wired by Jim Askins, Government and Resident Relations Field Rep for NG-KIH Design Build LLC, part of Ledcor Group which is the private company working with the state on the project. Askins stated that the project was a public and private partnership that was created with the intent to provide fiber optic cable to all 120 counties across the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Communications Network Authority was created to work alongside Ledcor Group to provide 3,400 miles of fiber optic cable that could work as a middle man to provide high speed DSL to Kentuckians. The project would basically work as a statewide “main highway” that private businesses and/or local governments could branch off of to provide high speed services to their communities. Kentucky Wired is an effort by the state to provide much needed broadband infrastructure that could aid in economic development, education, health care, and more. Askins stated that Kentucky is broken up into six rings, Caldwell County is in Ring 4, as is all of Western Kentucky, and officials have the target date of October 2020 to complete the project in our area. Their hope is that the private sector will also be able to access the broadband services by this date. There are four sites in Caldwell County that will be direct access points, the County Clerk’s Office, two offices of the Cabinet of Health and Family Services, the Courthouse Annex, and the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. From those four access points those from the private sector, as well as local government, may provide internet to the community. Askins also stated that while Caldwell will have the main line coming through the county, an offshoot will travel through the northern part, near Fredonia, to reach Crittenden County, which may offer more points of access. For more information you can visit or or call 1-888-511-9918.

The next item of new business was to approve the Sheriff’s Final Settlement for 2017. After a motion and a second the court unanimously approved the Sheriff’s Final Settlement for audit.

The last items of new business were to approve the Treasure’s transfers and the authorization to pay bills as presented. After a motion and a second the court unanimously approved both the Treasure’s transfers and the authorization to pay bills as presented.

The meeting then moved to reports and the court heard various reports from county departments and committees. The Sheriff’s Office addressed the court and stated that thanks to the Pennyrile Area Development District the county dispatch center received a grant of $63,000 to purchase a new 911 service. County Clerk Watson then announced that the delinquent tax sale will be held on Thursday, August 28th, and implored those who have not yet paid their taxes to pay them by that date.

Judge Dunning then announced that the next regular session Fiscal Court meeting has been rescheduled from Tuesday, August 14th to Thursday, August 9th due to a conflict with the Local Issues Conference. All court members will be in attendance at the conference during the week of the 14th and so decided to move the meeting up. Emergency Management Coordinator Joey McCaslin then spoke up stating that several of the emergency management officials, including law enforcement, would be attending an Active Shooter Seminar at the Caldwell County Schools during that day and may not be able to attend the rescheduled meeting.

Judge Dunning then entertained a motion to adjourn and after a motion and a second the meeting adjourned. The next regular session Caldwell County Fiscal Court meeting will be held on Thursday, August 9th and is open to the public.