The Caldwell County Fiscal Court met in regular session Tuesday morning at the courthouse in downtown Princeton.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Caldwell County Judge Executive Ellen Dunning called the meeting to order and Caldwell County Clerk Toni Watson called roll. The court then unanimously approved the agenda and the minutes from the May 22nd meeting.

Judge Dunning then gave her Judge Executive comments in which she congratulated and wished luck to all those who won in the recent primary election and will be heading to the general election in November. She also implored all citizens to get out and vote on November 6th. She then stated that the new house at Bright Life Farms is almost complete and gave thanks to Ashley Johnson, PADD Representative for all the hard work she did in getting the project going and keeping it going. Judge Dunning also thanked Princeton Lumber Company and the Bright Life Board for all the work they’ve done to finish the project.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business, of which there was only one item, the budget. Judge Dunning then told the court that the state has approved the budget but they didn’t return it to the county until Monday. The court will not vote to approve the budget until the next fiscal court meeting so the budget can be presented to the public in Wednesday’s paper.

The meeting then moved to new business, of which there were several items. The first item of new business was the second reading of the ordinance to remove a section of Clinton Perry Road. A public hearing was held before the scheduled fiscal court meeting and no objections were voiced. It was found that no hardship or inconvenience would be created after the closing of .12 miles of the road. After a motion and a second the court unanimously approved the ordinance to close a portion of Clinton Perry Road.

The next item of new business was the awarding of bids for asphalt, chip & seal, culverts & pipe, rock, and tack oil. Caldwell County Road Supervisor Wendall Lane then recommended that the court accept bids from Rogers Group, Crown Contracting, Marathon Petroleum, Contech, and La Farge. After a motion and a second the court unanimously approved the recommended bids.

The next item of new business was to approve the renewal of the Tremco contract. Tremco covers maintenance and updates on all five government buildings, including the courthouse, annex, ambulance building, jail, and the McCaslin house. The contract’s terms had not changed from last year and would be in the amount of $5,815. After a motion and a second the court unanimously approved the renewal.

The next item of new business was to approve Resolution 2018-06-12 which concerns rural and secondary roads and discretionary funds for Wood Lane, Echo Valley Road, and a section of Princeton-Olney Road in Caldwell County. The state will reimburse the county up to $202,000 to do repairs to the three selected roads. After a motion and a second the court unanimously approved the resolution to accept the state funds.

The next item of new business was to approve the order of affiliation between Caldwell County and the Princeton Fire & Rescue Department. The order of affiliation is a signed agreement that the Princeton Fire & Rescue Department will be the designated fire and rescue department for the county. The agreement is the exact same as it’s been over the past several years. After a motion and second the court unanimously approved the order of affiliation.

The last items of new business were to approve the Treasure’s transfers, to pay bills as presented, and to approve the financial statement for May 2018. After motions and seconds the court unanimously approved all three items.

Judge Dunning then reminded those assembled that there is a flag box in the courthouse for citizens to place their damaged or old American flags so that they can be disposed of properly. Judge Dunning also congratulated Jacy Travis, Caldwell County High School student, who was recently named Kentucky High School Rodeo Queen and wished her luck as she represents the state in the national competition in Wyoming in July. Judge Dunning also gave her congratulations to Jake Sheidler, Sydney Newton and Skylar Newton, who will also be representing Kentucky in their national rodeo competitions.

Judge Dunning then entertained a motion to adjourn and after a motion and a second the meeting adjourned. The next regular session Caldwell County Fiscal Court meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 26th and is open to the public.