Caldwell County Judge Executive Ellen Dunning was in studio Tuesday morning to speak with WPKY about several things going on in and around the county.

Judge Dunning started by saying she was grateful for the mild winter, which allowed the county to keep a good majority of their salt that can now be used for the coming winter. She also mentioned that the road department is working on mowing county roads and working with the state to fix roads that were damaged last summer during the heavy rains. The state is also helping the county to fix the bridge that washed out on Red Hill Road, off of Highway 514 in the south half of the county. The county is also hoping to add an additional $240,000 to $243,000 to the Flex Fund to use toward county road work and that they are trying to find the worst of the worst roads in the county to fix. However, since the money is state funded the county must work within those perimeters and follow along with what the state recommends. She did say that most of the roads in the county are in pretty good shape but that the roads are the life-line of the community and it’s one of the largest priorities to the county government.

Judge Dunning then began speaking about the upcoming full solar eclipse in August. Judge Dunning called it “the great unknown,” saying that the only thing absolutely known is that our area will experience 240 seconds of darkness. She said that what they still don’t know is how many people will arrive, what they’ll need, how they’ll get here, and where they’ll stay and eat. Experts at NASA are expecting anywhere between 100,000 and 500,000 people to be in the area, but, that number could be spread across a 10 county area. However, the county should expect several thousand scientists, news media, and photographers to descend on the area because the epicenter, or spot of complete totality, will be directly over a spot right across the Caldwell line in Christian County. Judge Dunning went on the say that Joey McCaslin has been working very diligently to get all emergency medical personnel, police, fire, and first responders prepared for the event. They are working on setting up an Emergency Operations Center at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church that will include an ambulance and communication center and possibly a fire truck and sheriff’s deputy. Judge Dunning then expressed that she believed the county is as prepared as they can be at this point.

Judge Dunning then mentioned that the Bright Life Farms Project is moving forward and that the county would soon be putting out bids for the new house expansion. She also said that the second reading of the county budget will be at the next regular Fiscal Court meeting on June 13th, and that meetings are open to the public and if anyone would like to speak during the meeting to let her know by Friday by calling 270-365-6660.

You can catch the full interview below.