The Caldwell County School District has released their 2017-18 assessment results.

Assistant Superintendent Gretchen Wetzel said the way the state of Kentucky calculates results has changed which makes it tough to compare this year’s results to those in the past.

Elementary and middle school students now receive scores on three indicators: the proficiency of students’ performance in reading and math; students’ performance in science, social studies, and writing; and growth in reading and math.

Caldwell Elementary tested above the state average in both reading and math, while the middle school only tested above average in math. The middle school scored right below the state average for reading. As for science and writing, both schools tested higher. And in social studies, the elementary school tested higher while the middle school tested lower than the state average.

High school students now receive scores based on proficiency, which includes student performance in reading and math on the ACT; transition readiness, or the percentage of graduates who have a high school diploma or have demonstrated academic or career readiness; and the graduation rate, which is the average over the past four years. Caldwell High School tested above the state in social studies, science, writing, and math, but fell right below the state average in reading.

Assistant Superintendent Wetzel said that she was very pleased about the results and will work with teachers and administrators to improve the areas in which students were falling behind.

She also stated that teachers and administrators at Caldwell have worked hard to tailor instruction to the individual needs of each student, as each student learns differently. Caldwell will continue to meet the individual needs of each student and will partner with school councils, the school board, and the community to insure that every student is ready for the future.

Superintendent Nate Huggins and Assistant Superintendent Wetzel said they recognize that there is always room for improvement but stressed their goal is to educate the children of Caldwell County by continuously evaluating their practices in the classrooms and schools as a whole.

Both Superintendent Huggins and Assistant Superintendent Wetzel expressed great pride in the teachers and administration of Caldwell County Schools and are confident that they are willing and able to learn and utilize new strategies as needed.