Nate Huggins, Caldwell County Superintendent, was in studio Thursday morning to give a bit of an update on the upcoming school year.

The first day of school for students will be Wednesday, August 15th and Superintendent Huggins reminded parents that construction is ongoing at the Area Technology Center. The current construction will lead to several traffic hiccups and issues during the first month or so of school. Therefore, Superintendent Huggins suggested that parents put their children on the buses for that first month or so of classes to help reduce the amount of traffic coming in and out of the schools. He also told parents to please have their children at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is set to arrive in case buses run early.

Superintendent Huggins then took a few moments to talk about school safety and the new safety procedures they are implementing this year. There will be an active shooter training for all faculty and staff with local first responders on August 8th at the schools. The training will show faculty and staff how to best react in any situation should the worst ever happen. Superintendent Huggins then said all schools will also be implementing new procedures on people entering and exiting the building. Visitors will now have to state their business before being allowed to enter the building and will have to check in at the office, where they will leave their keys. Visitors will then have to check out at the office in order to have their keys returned. This will make sure visitors are only entering and exiting the main doors of the schools. In addition to these new visitor policies each school will be adding new cameras to each door. A School Resource Officer will also be on campus beginning the first day of classes.

Superintendent Huggins also said that there will be a way for students, parents, and faculty to report any potentially unsafe behavior in an anonymous manner by using the Safe School Helpline. Currently they are working on adding a link to the Helpline’s website on the district’s website but until then, parents, students, or faculty can visit or can download the Safe School Helpline in the App Store or on Google Play. All reports sent to the Helpline will go to the proper administration who will work to help resolve the issue.

Superintendent Huggins then mentioned that if anyone is wanting to run for the vacant seat on the School Board they need to submit their names to the County Clerk by August 14th.

For more information about the Caldwell County School District, the upcoming school season, or anything else happening at the schools, contact the Board of Education at 270-365-8000 or visit the school’s website here.

You can catch the full interview with Superintendent Nate Huggins below.