Economic development, budgetary constraints, and dilapidated houses were topics of discussion by candidates seeking to become Princeton’s Mayor on November 6th.

Incumbent Mayor Danny Beavers and current City Council Member Kota Young, who are running for the position, discussed these issues and more during WPKY’s ongoing political coverage.

When asked about how they would use economic development to help grow and retain Princeton’s population both candidates had specific answers. Mayor Danny Beavers believes one of the best ways to encourage economic development within the city is to develop the land. 

Kota Young spelled out an acronym that he plans to put into action should he be elected. 

Kota went on to discuss how, as Mayor, he would work to not only reduce spending in the city’s budget, but will also expect all city departments be held accountable for the use of funds. 

Mayor Beavers said that while recent uncertainty over raises in retirement spending has made it difficult to balance the budget, a new source of revenue will soon positively affect the city. 

Concerning other issues effecting the city Mayor Beavers declared that Princeton is most in need of new locations for many of the city’s first responders. 

Kota expressed that he believed one of the main issues effecting the city are it’s dilapidated houses but has wishes to take it a step further than just demolishing them. 

The full political comments from both candidates can be found here.