Donnie Adams, of Adams Contracting, was in studio Monday morning to talk to WPKY about Crossroads Christian Church’s Mat Ministry.

Several woman of the church, as well as several women from other area churches, spearheaded a ministry for the homeless and started making plastic mats in April. They take standard plastic bags, like those you get at Walmart or Lowe’s or any other shopping center, strip them down and then weave them into mats and quilts. The plastic allows them to be hypo-allergenic, bugs, who don’t like the plastic, won’t nest in them, and the air pockets that are made when weaving traps body heat to help keep someone warm. The mats take 500 to 700 plastic bags and up to three weeks of weaving to make. The women at Crossroads Christian Church meet every Tuesday from 10AM to 2PM to work on them, and all are welcome to join, regardless of denomination or affiliation.

Donnie told listeners that they donate the mats and quilts to Micah’s Mission in Hopkinsville, which is a shelter that provides food and warmth for the homeless. However, it is only open during the day, unless there is inclement weather or extremely cold nights; so, the homeless are able to take the mats and blankets and use them once they leave the mission. Just recently the church donated 22 mats, 39 throws, 8 quilts, 37 pillows, 4 baby blankets, 22 New Testament Bibles and $150 worth of food products. Donnie also said that the church is currently taking donations of toboggans, gloves, and socks for adults and children that they can take to Micah’s Mission.

Anyone interested in donating plastic bags, which the church is always in need of, can contact Kathy Adams at 270-365-3757, or call Donnie at Adams Contracting at 270-625-5940. Anyone interested in helping weave the mats can come to the church, which is located at the crossroad of Highways 672 and 278 in Princeton, on Tuesdays between 10AM and 2PM. Donnie also invited listeners to join them for Sunday School at 10AM on Sundays, Worship Services at 11AM on Sundays, and Bible Study on Wednesdays at 6PM.

You can catch the full interview with Donnie Adams below.