Dr. Sue Ellen Petty, the new general surgeon working in conjunction with Caldwell Medical Center, was in studio Monday to talk to WPKY about her practice.

Dr. Petty began practicing in Princeton on December 1st of 2017 but is a Kentucky native and practiced in Paducah for almost 20 years. She graduated from Murray State University, completed her medical degree at the University of Louisville and completed her residency in southern Alabama before moving back to Paducah. She decided to move to Princeton so that she could perform a less stressful job and spend more time with her growing family. She also made the decision to come to this area to provide general surgeon knowledge to the community so that people won’t have to travel so far for more routine procedures.

Dr. Petty then told listeners that she decided to become a physician after a negative experience when she was fourteen. The doctors she saw did not listen to her or give her any credibility because of her age so she decided that there needed to be more physicians who listen to what their patients are feeling and experiencing.

She then told listeners that it’s her mission to provide surgical care locally to save patients time and travel expenses without losing the quality they would receive at large hospitals. She also stated that she would refer a patient to a better hospital if she knew they could provide better care.

Dr. Petty’s office is located at 320 McBeth Drive in Princeton, which she shares with Dr. Mike Littlejohn. For more information or to get a referral you can call her office at 270-365-0320.

You can catch the full interview with Dr. Sue Ellen Petty below.