Elbert Bennett, Caldwell County Magistrate for District 1, was in studio Wednesday morning to speak to WPKY about the going ons in the county and the state.

Elbert first said that it was a humbled experience to be an elected official and that he didn’t take it lightly and that he looks at it like there is “no party line, no county line, no district line, when it comes to helping someone.”

He then spoke about how his two year term as President of the KMCA has opened several doors to Frankfort for Caldwell County and that he will be a candidate next year for re-election. If he is re-elected he will serve as the President of the Kentucky Association of Counties and would be in Frankfort every week where he would be testifying on behalf of all counties to the state, pushing for legislation that will help counties, and pushing against legislation that won’t.

Elbert then went on to say that he and Judge Executive Ellen Dunning have been talking about getting surrounding counties together to get more industry and economic development to the area and also expressed that the county is doing well.

He then spoke about the summer festival that will be August 12th in Fredonia, saying that he will be doing a lot of cooking for the event and that he was appreciative and glad that so many younger people were taking interest in the festival because it brings in a breath of fresh air.

You can catch the full interview with Elbert Bennett below.