Ellen Dunning, Caldwell County Judge Executive, was in studio Tuesday morning to talk to WPKY about her re-election campaign.

Ellen started off by letting listeners know that while she’s tried to talk to everyone in the county she feels it’s much more important to do the job she was elected to do. Therefore, she’s not been able to speak with as many as she’s wished, but thanked those who have continued to support her during the years she’s been in office as well as during her campaign.

Ellen admitted that she went into the Judge Executive position quite naive, but has since learned so much about the government and the way things are run and that sometimes no matter what you want to do, you can’t do it. However, she and the court have worked to help the citizens of Caldwell County in any capacity that the court can. She also mentioned that when she first entered office the county was in dire straits but that over the course of her years in office she has been able to help the county become more fiscally responsible, and will continue to do so if she is re-elected.

Ellen then said that if she is re-elected she will continue to work on the infrastructure in Caldwell County and will continue to work on bringing more economic development to the area. She also said that she will work more with the cities of Princeton and Fredonia in the future, stating that they are part of the county and must not be left out. She will also continue to maintain state and area development offices and keep in constant communication with the state’s transportation department.

Lastly, Ellen stated that she will continue to make Caldwell County a place it’s citizens want to live and a place it’s youth will wish to return to.

You can catch the full interview with Ellen Dunning below.