Caldwell County FFA President, Hannah York, and Junior Vice President, Kylie York, were in studio Tuesday morning to talk to WPKY about the Chapter’s recent participation at the Murray FFA Field Day.

Hannah told listeners that on Wednesday, April 18th, 49 members of the Caldwell County FFA Chapter traveled to Murray State University to compete in the annual FFA Field Day events where teams and individuals participated in a variety of different Career Development Events. Those events included a diverse range of competitions, from tractor driving to horsemanship to horticulture. Hannah stated that the skills used to compete in these areas are learned in their regular class time at Caldwell County High School.

Caldwell County had eleven teams compete in the various events. The Field Day included three different types of tobacco judging competitions. The first was Dark Fired and those competing from Caldwell included Halle Lofton, Sarah Grace Carneyhan, Ty Peek, and Josie Witherspoon. The team placed third overall and Ty Peek placed first in the individual ranking. The second was Air Cured and those competing from Caldwell included Colton George, Ethan Cotton, Nicole Cravens, and Travis Newsom. The team placed second overall and Ethan Cotton placed second in the individual ranking. The third tobacco judging category was Burley Tobacco and team members included Alexis Wallace, Campbell Knoth, Seth Slayton, and Kayla McGowan. The team placed fifth overall.

Caldwell also had a team compete in the livestock judging competition, which consisted of Shelby Lane, Cole Smiley, Madux Cummins, and Madison Crider. The team placed sixth overall. Brian Gill, Sid Nichols, Emma Watson, and Jadon Towe made up the Dairy Judging team. Brian Gill placed second in the individual ranking. Caldwell also had a nursery team, consisting of Hannah Greenfield, Bella McConnell, Addi Perkins, and Sophie Littlefield. The team placed third overall.

Caldwell County’s Horse Judging team, consisting of Mia Skinner, Emma Staples, Addi Peek, and Taylor Burchett, also competed, coming in in sixth place overall. Caldwell’s Soil Judging team, which included Mackenzie Smiley, Hannah York, Makayla Darnell, and Shelton Cansler, also competed. The team placed second overall with Makayla Darnell placing third and Hannah York placing fourth in the individual ranking. Caldwell had a team of four who competed in Floriculture, which included Ashleigh Valley, Macie Jones, Lucy Goffinett, and Audrey Wynn, who placed fourth overall.

Caldwell’s two remaining team events were the Small Animal Technology competition and the Poultry Judging team. Megan Butler, Lilli Rust, Maggie Ginn, and Jameliana White were on the Small Animal Technology team and placed second overall. Megan Butler came in first in the individual ranking. Dalton Haney, Clayton Wofford, Hannah York, and Kylie York were on the Poultry Judging team and placed first for the second year in a row. All four members were in the top five individual rankings. Hannah York placed first, Clayton Wofford placed second, Kylie York placed fourth, and Dalton Haney placed fifth.

Caldwell also had six individuals who competed in different categories. Tripp Branch competed in the Seed ID contest where he placed third overall. Madison Mason competed in the Weed Plant Identification contest, where she placed seventh overall. Austin Richey took part in the Auctioneering Contest and placed eighth. Dru Thomas competed in the Horsemanship Contest and placed seventh overall. Ethan Cotton took home sixth in the Tractor Driving Contest and Rebecca Sullivan walked away with an impressive first place finish in the Tool Identification Contest. Rebecca was the only female competing in the contest this year and defeated all of her male competitors.

The Caldwell Chapter was able to defend their championship from last year coming in first place overall, followed by Calloway in second, and Henderson in third. Hannah told listeners that there were at least 60 schools from four states represented at the Field Day.

Hannah and Kylie then told listeners of some upcoming events for the FFA Chapter. On Friday, April 27th, they will host the first Annual Regional Kickball Tournament at the City County Park. The tournament will begin at 5PM and teams will consist of a mixture of members from nine regional chapters. The FFA Regional Banquet will then be held on May 1st at the Lee S. Jones Park in Eddyville with the Caldwell County Chapter Banquet to be held on May 4th at the Caldwell County High School. Hannah stated that tickets are $2 per person for all non-members, all members will get in for free. Those interested in attending do need to pay by Friday, April 27th. The banquet will begin at 5:30PM in the cafeteria.

Hannah then mentioned that they will begin preparing for the State Convention competitions soon. The State Convention will be held June 5th through 7th at Rupp Arena in Lexington. Competition will include Senior Parliamentary Procedure Team events, impromptu speeches, the results from their Proficiencies, and Record Keeping events. President Hannah York will also be competing in interviews for the State Star.

Hannah then reminded listeners that the Greenhouse at the high school is still open, you can stop by anytime between 8AM and 4PM Mondays through Fridays and from 10AM to 1PM on Saturdays.

You can catch the full interview with FFA President, Hannah York, and Junior Vice President, Kylie York, below.