First District Congressman James Comer called in during the Tiger Talk Morning show Tuesday morning to talk to WPKY about several things concerning the people of Kentucky’s First District.

Congressman Comer first told listeners that his field representatives travel to each of the counties in the first district on a monthly basis to meet with residents who need help with federal casework issues. That could include issues with Social Security, Medicare, the VA, or any other federal agency. Residents can find a list of mobile hours on Comer’s website, at Residents can also go to field offices in Paducah or Madisonville if needed.

Congressman Comer then spoke about President Trump’s recently unveiled budget. He stated that while he does have some concerns about the deficit he believes that the President and legislators are taking the proper steps to pass a healthy budget. Congressman Comer mentioned that those steps included increasing economic growth rates and having fiscal discipline. Congressman Comer did admit that while the current administration’s fiscal discipline has yet to be determined, the new infrastructure bill is part of the federal government’s responsibility and will be a great thing for rural America.

Congressman Comer then stated that his hopes were for the private sector to grow to it’s potential and to see more decisions being made at the state and local levels, as opposed to the federal level.

Congressman Comer later on Tuesday released a statement about the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In the statement he said that the government is finally creating an environment that fosters growth in the job market, brings jobs back to the U.S., and supports companies who want to compete globally.

The statement went on to say that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act fixed the individual tax system to make filing taxes simpler and help Americans keep more of their money. Under the new tax law, the typical family of four in the First District of Kentucky with a median income of $61,296 will see an average tax cut of $1,707.

According to the statement, families will also continue to benefit from the adoption tax credit, which was preserved in the tax bill. In addition to provisions like the adoption tax credit, American companies like Walmart have stepped up to create their own benefits for adoptive families.

The statement went on to say that the new tax law will also lower tax rates on American businesses to help grow jobs, increase wages, and promote economic growth here at home. Until recently, the United States had nearly the highest corporate tax rate in the world, making U.S. businesses uncompetitive, stunting economic growth, and sending jobs and profits overseas. Now, many businesses across the U.S. are demonstrating how a lower tax rate helps boost business and the workforce. American companies like Tyson Food Inc., Starbucks, Walmart, Wells Fargo, AT&T, Boeing, Bank of America, Humana, and many more are offering bonuses, higher wages, and other new benefits for their employees.

Congressman Comer finished his statement by saying that tax reform is truly working for the American people and Americans will begin to see higher paychecks and business owners creating and keeping jobs in the United States.