More funds have been donated to the community through the dissolution of the Caldwell County Hospital Taxing District.

Caldwell County Judge Executive Ellen Dunning made the announcement at the regularly scheduled fiscal court meeting Tuesday morning. In addition to the $80,000 given to the City of Princeton to help support a second School Resource Office, the Hospital Taxing District will award $50,000 to Youth, Inc. to be used for updates at the ball fields at the American Legion Park in Princeton.

Judge Dunning stated the remaining $111,000 will be earmarked for future purchases of new ambulances.

While everyone on the court seemed to agree with the Hospital Taxing Board’s decision, one Magistrate felt his constituents were being left out. Magistrate District One Elbert Bennett, asked where the money was for Fredonia’s Youth, Inc., stating that Fredonia always seems to be left out unless it has to do with taxes or can be used to boost a candidate during an election year.

Judge Dunning stated that the Hospital Taxing Board is made up of members from all across the county and that was the decision they had come to, that funds will be donated for a second SRO, Youth, Inc. in Princeton, and for new ambulances.