George Kilgore, Candidate for Caldwell County Magistrate in District 4, was in studio Thursday morning to talk to WPKY and listeners about his campaign.

George told listeners that as Magistrate he would work to have transparency in government while also making sure he’s accessible to those he represents in the county to hear their concerns and ideas. He stated that as Magistrate he would work to maintain the 350 miles of roads in Caldwell County, would bring industry into the area while also supporting industry already here, and would make sure all those in elected positions know and understand the regulations and laws that effect county governments.

George then reminded listeners that he has experience as a Magistrate, as he’s already served the county, both as Magistrate and Acting Judge Executive, and has over 500 hours in training and various education hours that have been approved by the Kentucky Department of Local Government. He stated that he’s willing to devote all the time he can to the people of Caldwell County.

George then said that people are welcome to contact him on his Facebook page and that he will have a few more “meet and greets” before the Primary Election on May 22nd.

You can catch the full interview with George Kilgore below.