Gerry Baker, President of the Caldwell County Retired Teachers Association, Ginny Oldham, President Elect, and Joy King, Association Member, were in studio Monday morning to talk to WPKY about the issues affecting Kentucky’s teachers and educators.

Gerry, Joy, and Ginny told listeners about some of the history surrounding the Teachers Retirement System of Kentucky, other Kentucky Retirement Systems, and the reasons all of the state’s pension funds are struggling, as well as going over some of the current bills going through legislature that will affect teachers and state workers. They explained in great detail things affecting Kentuckians and expressed that they were thankful that Governor Matt Bevin is working to right the issues, but that they are not happy with the methods being used to fix them. They also stated that Kentucky’s teachers are not protesting for raises but are rather protesting to receive the money they paid into the pension system under complete faith that it would be there when needed. Joy compared the current situation teachers are facing to making payments on a car only to realize that after you’ve paid it off, it’s no longer yours. Kentucky’s teachers merely want what they have worked for and paid for during their employment.

You can catch the full interview with Gerry, Ginny, and Joy below. You can also tune in on Tuesday, April 10, for our Tiger Talk Morning Show at 8AM as 4th District Kentucky Senator, Dorsey Ridley, will be in studio to talk more about the issues facing Kentucky’s teachers, workers, and citizens.