Gifted and Talented students from a local high school are helping the community celebrate the Constitution during the annual Constitution Week observance, September 17th through the 23rd.

Caldwell County Gifted and Talented Coordinator Lisa Trimble and students, Seth Scott, Audrey Goodman, Aubrey Hall, Katy Trimble, and Austin Richey, are using the third week of September to educate the community on some little known or remembered Constitution facts.

The Constitution, which was written on September 17th, 1787, wasn’t ratified until almost a year later on June 21st, 1788. The original document was argued over during the Constitutional Convention from May 25th till it’s signature on September 17th.

Not only are the Gifted and Talented students studying about the Constitution, and reminding the community of it’s importance, they’re also putting that knowledge into practice.

Mrs. Trimble said that it’s important to give these opportunities to high school aged students, even when they’re not yet old enough to vote because it will prepare them for the future.

Each of the students Mrs. Trimble brought into the studio will attend the Kentucky Youth Assembly for the second time this year. The Gifted and Talented program extends across the entire district and provides programs above and beyond normal course studies for those who exemplify intellectual aptitude, creative thinking, visual or performing arts talent, or high leadership qualities.

You can catch the full interview with Mrs. Trimble and five of the Gifted and Talented students from the high school below.