Harrell Riley and Torey Hammett were in studio Thursday morning to talk to WPKY about the upcoming SolQuest celebration on August 19th through the 21st.

Harrell first reminded listeners that the event will be completely free, minus vendors, for all those who will be attending. He also mentioned that there will be people from over 19 countries and 36 states in the area for the eclipse and urged listeners to embrace them and welcome them, and come out to the event to show the benefits of a small town.

Harrell then addressed some safety issues stating that there will be a security team there making sure it stays a family friendly event and that there will be a check in process that will prohibit certain items from entering the event. He also said that there will be over 10,000 maps of the area that they’ll hand out to participants and that they are fully prepared with porta-potties and hand washing stations. The site will also have a plum box so that even if communications go down around the venue, they’ll have access and stay connected. There will also be a helicopter pad marked off just in case of an accident or medical emergency.

He also assured listeners that while it was smart to be cautious about human trafficking, it’s nothing to be scared about. They have in place Amber Alerts if needed and also have a plan to shut the gates to keep people from leaving in case of an incident. He wanted to assure everyone that they have done as much preparation as they can for the “what if’s” but asked that people focus more on the event itself, the once-in-a-lifetime event that only God can do, than any possible criminal activity. He also wanted to let it be known that while there might be traffic issues, it will be more so an inconvenience than anything. Much like football homecoming or a large concert, it will take longer to get places, but it won’t be any kind of apocalyptic level grid lock, so don’t be afraid to come out and enjoy the event. Torey added that the security team will be checking people in off of Highway 124, not directly off of Highway 91, so that should help with any traffic delays. He then went on to say that Christian County has put up signs along roadways to help emergency services with alternative routes, so if need be, they will be able to direct people down alternative routes when they leave the site.

Harrell and Torey then gave a quick run down of the entertainment during the festival. On Saturday throughout the day, the Crazy Tie Guy, artist Clint Clarneau, God’s Cowboy Armor, and Paul Daily will be doing presentations and shows under an air-conditioned tent. Then musical acts, Steven Malcom, Finding Favor, and Rapture Ruckus will take the main stage, as well as speaker Ken Freeman. Then on Sunday there will be a praise and worship time in the morning followed by repeat presentations from Saturday afternoon’s entertainers. Then musical acts The Bowling Family, Adam Crabb, and Jason Crabb will take to the stage, along with a Faith and Science presentation by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Then on Monday, the day of the eclipse, there will be more scientific and faith based presentations on the main stage from Jason Lindsey and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Then as the partial eclipse begins everyone will be able to sit back and watch as the moon slowly covers the sun and experience all the strange things that can happen during an eclipse, like birds chirping as if it’s morning, and more.

Harrell ended by letting listeners know that HR Ministries isn’t doing this event for profit, that through the support of their volunteers and sponsors they will be able to offer a completely free event to share the Gospel message and serve all of those who will be entering the area for the celestial event. Any money remaining after all expenses are paid will go into the next large event put on by HR Ministries.

You can catch the full interview with Harrell Riley and Torey Hammett below.