Janie Tomek was in studio Tuesday morning to talk to WPKY about Caldwell: Igniting Voices.

Janie reminded listeners that Caldwell: Igniting Voices is a group that is focusing on reaching everyone in Caldwell County to collect voices from all over the county, in an effort to help the community grow and move forward. Caldwell: Igniting Voices is partnering with the University of Kentucky’s Community & Economic Development Program for the project. After collecting all of the input from the community, it will be sent to UK where they will compile the results. They will then return a report that suggests priority goals and a vision for the community.

The project started after a grass roots group of community leaders and members invited people from UK to participate in a program called First Impressions. The University of Kentucky sent a group of people to Princeton and Caldwell County to give their first impressions of the community. They compiled the results into a report that was then brought back to the group. The report showed that Caldwell County didn’t seem to have an overall goal or sense of purpose. Caldwell: Igniting Voices was then formed to go out and learn from the community itself what members see as it’s goal and what they wanted to do moving forward.

Caldwell: Igniting Voices has had several forum sessions already, collecting over 400 voices, but they still want to collect more. Each session is an informal forum that asks four simple questions: what are some of the things/strengths that you want to keep in the community; what do we need to change as a community; what is your vision for Caldwell County in 10 years/20 years; and what can we do right now to work towards these goals? There will be a few more open forums before the end of January when the collection part of the project will conclude. On Tuesday, January 2nd, there will be a forum with the Fredonia Riding Club and on Thursday, January 4th, there will be a forum with the Fredonia Historical Society. There will also be a forum for senior adults on Wednesday, December 27th, at 11AM at the First Baptist Church’s Christian Life Center in Princeton.

Janie also reminded listeners that if you can’t make it to any of the open forums, you can fill out the same survey online. You can find the link to that survey on the home page of our website, wpkyonline.com. The survey asks the same questions that are asked at a forum, so if you have completed the questionnaire at a forum, you do not need to do both.

You can catch the full interview with Janie Tomek below.