Jeff Boone, Republican Candidate for Caldwell County Magistrate District 2, was in studio Monday morning to talk to WPKY about his campaign.

Jeff stated that he was born and raised in Caldwell County and farmed for much of his younger life before getting a job with the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, which he just retired from after 30 years of service. The experience learned during this time of working across county lines, party lines, and governmental lines, he believes, will translate to his duties as Magistrate.

He mentioned that his time working for the federal government taught him that sometimes elected officials aren’t always allowed to do what they tell voters they want to do because of regulations and laws. Because of this knowledge he will help the Judge Executive and Magistrates do all that they can do and even work on changing regulations to do more. Jeff expressed that as Magistrate his main duty and responsibility would be to serve the people and that if he’s elected he will work to improve infrastructure in the county, bring in more industry and jobs, and push to keep young people from leaving the area. He stated that young people would have the interest to return home and raise their families if they have something to return to. He will work to make sure that happens.

Jeff also told listeners that if he is elected he will be a public servant to the people of the county, stating that he believed it was time to put his actions where his mouth was by working to do all the things he’s suggested over the years.

For more information about Jeff’s campaign or if you have any questions feel free to call him at 270-963-0200.

You can catch the full interview with Jeff Boone below.