Jimmy Dyer, Director of Transportation for Caldwell County Schools, was in studio Tuesday morning to talk to WPKY about the start of the school year and school bus safety.

Mr. Dyer said that the main issue facing parents and buses will be the volume of drivers dropping students off, but that administrators will be posted all around each campus helping to direct parents where to go. He also mentioned that there will be police officers stationed at the end of Beckner Lane, the Vocational School hill, and at the primary school to direct traffic. Mr. Dyer did urge parents to follow the traffic flow through the entire school campus in order to keep things moving smoothly.

Mr. Dyer then gave these tips to children and parents for bus stop safety. He suggested that parents take their children to the bus stop early, especially during the first few days, because routes have changed and it’s possible buses will be running late as drivers get used to the new routes. Plus, he continued, when students are early to the bus stop it will allow buses to get to each school in a timely manner. He also asked that, if at all possible, parents stay with children at the bus stop to monitor behavior to keep roughhousing to a minimum and keep arguments from escalating between students. He then reminded parents that children must wait ten feet from the curb when preparing to board the bus and should not attempt to load until the bus has come to a full stop, the doors are opened, and the bus driver says it’s fine to board.

Mr. Dyer then reminded everyone that it is federal law to stop on any road that’s not a divided highway when a bus is stopped, has it’s red lights on, and stop arm out. He mentioned that if someone does not stop when they should, his bus drivers will attempt to get the license plate number and will turn it in to him. He will then turn those numbers in to the County Attorney who will not hesitate to prosecute. Mr. Dyer said that it is the mission of all the drivers and himself to get students to and from school as safely as possible.

You can catch the full interview with Jimmy Dyer below.