Joe Don Doom, Democratic Candidate for Caldwell County Jailer, was in studio Monday morning to talk to WPKY about his campaign.

Joe Don started off by telling listeners that he worked at the Western Kentucky Correctional Complex, better known as the Prison Farm, for 12 years before working for about 15 months at the Caldwell County Jail on a part-time basis. Because of his time in the prison system he believes he will not experience as large of a learning curve as others may upon his election, however, he will still have plenty to learn, and is willing to do so.

Joe Don then said that he wishes to work as Jailer because he likes to see the good in people and wants to help them succeed in life. As Jailer he will work to keep the budget low while also not sacrificing many of the things he believes are being wrongly sacrificed now, stating that operating cheaply does not always mean efficiently. Security and sanitation are the top two areas that need to be kept at a high standard in the jail and he will work to make sure they are. Not only will he make sure that all parts of the jail are clean and sanitary, he will also instill tighter tool control to make sure all things that could be used to hurt an inmate or a deputy are always accounted for and kept in ways to keep them from harm. Joe Don also mentioned that he will work to correct issues with time-keeping that the jail has suffered with in the past. He believes that it’s a good investment to buy an electronic time clock instead of having deputies use paper time sheets.

Joe Don will also work to provide more training for deputies, whether that’s training for security reasons or for general administration reasons. He is also working on implementing new policy and procedures at the jail to make it run as efficiently as possible. He did stress that he will keep the various programs that have been implemented over the years to help inmates but will work to provide them with a normal daily schedule so that they’ll acclimate better into society after being released. He expressed that he will treat inmates with compassion no matter who they are or what they’ve done.

You can catch the full interview with Joe Don Doom below.