Joel Pinnergar and Brent McDowell were in studio Monday morning to talk to WPKY about the upcoming Sheepdog Seminar in March.

The Sheepdog Seminar will be held on Saturday, March 3rd, at Northside Baptist Church in Princeton. The seminar is 8 hours, from 8AM to 5PM, and will include lunch. Cost for the entire seminar is $49. Guest lecturers and speakers will include Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, Carl Chinn, Jimmy Meeks, and Texas police officer Greg Stevens, who was awarded the Medal of Valor in 2015 for stopping two terrorists from committing mass murder. The seminar will address the issue of violence and what everyone must do to stand in its way.

One of the guest speakers, Carl Chinn, called in and spoke with WPKY a little more in detail about what will happen during the seminar. Chinn stated that not only will active shooter situations be spoken on, information will be included on dealing with security during natural disasters, what to do during medical emergencies, how to spot and protect children from sexual predators, and more. Chinn, who is the only seminar leader not from a law enforcement background, quickly shared his story and how he became involved in these safety seminars. In 1996 he was involved in a hostage situation with an angry gunman and the experience changed his life forever. He then got involved with helping churches and faith based organizations stay up to date on security practices. In 2007 an active shooter attacked his church, killing two teens in the parking lot before being stopped with deadly force in the hallway of the church. Chinn stated that he would share more of his story at the seminar as well as statistics on shootings and other violence at churches over the years.

He then told listeners that participants will learn new things and hear new information at this seminar, things that can help save lives. He stated that the seminar covers “at the bang” training, how to act in the situation, as opposed to training that deals with the situation from the outside, such as SWAT training.

Joel Pinnergar and Brent McDowell then added that the seminar teaches participants how to be aware of their surrounds, what to do and where to go during situations, and how to protect the people that aren’t able to flee or fight, like the elderly and children. They also mentioned that Northside will be showing the film, “Faith Under Fire” for free on Friday night at 7PM. All of those who will be attending the seminar are invited the attend the screening as well. The film is about the first mass shooting at a church.

The seminar will take place from 8AM to 5PM on Saturday, March 3rd, at Northside Baptist Church, in the sanctuary. Cost is $49 and includes lunch, provided by Northside’s youth. They are asking that you register by February 21st so that they know how much food to prepare, but they will always take late registration. You can register by calling 817-437-9693 or by visiting The seminar includes a special offer for law enforcement, all police offices may bring another office at no additional charge. However, Joel and Brent stressed that the seminar isn’t just for law enforcement or church leadership, but everyone who wants to learn what to do in violent situations should they ever happen.

You can catch the full interview with Joel Pinnergar, Brent McDowell, and Carl Chinn below.