Lee Ann Gilkey, Director of King’s Kitchen, was in studio Thursday to talk to WPKY about King’s Kitchen.

Lee Ann started off by telling listeners that Monday, June 4th, is the first day of King’s Kitchen, but that there’s still time to sign your child up to receive free meals throughout the summer. Meals will be delivered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through July 27th, minus Wednesday, July 4th, though extra food will be sent home with children on Monday, July 2nd. Meals are meant for children ages 2 to 18 in Caldwell County and are free of charge. Children must be present at the drop off locations and must be registered to receive a meal. Lee Ann stated that limited delivers are also available for those who can not get to the drop off locations but must be pre-arranged before meal days. Lee Ann then reminded listeners of the drop off locations which include Northside Baptist Church, Southside Baptist Church, Grace Court, Cooper Circle, Hyacinth Village, Second Baptist Church, Dotson Park, Hillview Court, and at the First Presbyterian Church in Fredonia.

Lee Ann then told listeners that they will be having a food drive at Walmart on Saturday, June 2nd, from 10AM to 2PM to collect much needed food. Needed items include cases of water, cheese crackers, fruit or applesauce cups, gallon cans of green beans, boxes or bags of cereal, and cookies. Lee Ann then noted that with the cookies and cereal, please do not buy anything with nuts or peanut butter to avoid affecting children with nut allergies. Lee Ann also stated that lists of needed items will be given out on Saturday to help those who wish to donate.

Lee Ann then told listeners that over 250 children have signed up for the program this summer which means they will need as much volunteer help as they can get to make and deliver meals. Also, they have several more children who need meals delivered to them out in the county so Lee Ann will need more volunteers to drive and deliver meals throughout the county.

For more information, to register your child, or to sign up to volunteer call Lee Ann at 270-625-4627.

You can catch the full interview with Lee Ann Gilkey below.