Lynn Bechler, Kentucky’s 4th District Representative, was in studio Thursday morning to talk to WPKY about his re-election campaign.

Lynn told listeners that he has been a State Representative for the past six years and is now running for his fourth term. Lynn stated that he feels as if he’s been making a difference in Frankfort and while no one person can make all the difference by working with others one person can make an impact. He then reminded listeners of an amendment to a bill he was able to pass while Republicans were a minority in the House as an example of his ability to work across party lines and still make an impact.

Lynn then took some time to talk more about himself. He and his wife will be celebrating their 50 year anniversary this year, they have four children together, and have 12 grandchildren. He also said that he was a farmer when he was younger before getting his bachelors in aerospace engineering and becoming a certified manufacturing engineer. Currently in the House he serves on the Transportation Committee, the Economic and Workforce Development Committee, and the Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee. He is also the Chairman of the Program Review and Investigations Committee, which is the only committee in state government that has subpoena power.

Lynn then stated that he is both fiscally and socially conservative and aligns completely with what he believes a Republican is but will always vote his conscience and what he believes will benefit the people of his district most.

You can catch the full interview with Lynn Bechler below.