Molly Egbert owner of the Tin Roof was in studio Thursday morning for WPKY’s Business Spotlight.

Molly spoke about the beginnings of the Tin Roof, saying that her mother, who was always crafty, opened the store sixteen years ago as an antique store. The store included antiques and gifts they had acquired over the years as well as various booths rented out by other vendors. Molly worked at the store on weekends for several years while she was in college until her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Molly then moved back home and took over running the store, later buying it the year before her mother’s death.

Over the years the Tin Roof has slowly evolved into a gift shop and now offers several name brand gifts, apparel, and seasonal knick knacks. Molly said some brands they offer include Cotton Colors, who makes “Happy Everything,” Spartina purses, Candleberry Candles, Simply Southern, and much more. Molly did say that the Tin Roof is a store within a store for Cotton Colors, meaning that they offer all of Cotton Colors’ products in store. The Tin Roof is one of the only stores around the country that offers the store within a store.

You can catch the full interview with Molly Egbert below.