Paul Walker, Democratic Candidate for Kentucky’s First District in the US House of Representatives, was in studio Thursday morning to talk to WPKY about his campaign.

Paul first told listeners a bit more about himself saying that he moved from Flagstaff, Arizona and has been an English Professor at Murray State University since 2007. He immediately fell in love with Kentucky and connected to the students he has had in class. Throughout the years he started to notice that young college students were feeling more anxiety and uncertainty about their futures, expressing that they felt they had been forgotten and overlooked. This, mixed with his feelings upon attending the Women’s March in Murray in 2017, helped him decide that he could do more by running for office.

If elected Paul will work to keep public education funded and make secondary education more affordable to all, whether that education is at the university level or trade school level. He will also work to get the country closer to a single payer health care model but will make sure everyone who has a stake in health care, including doctors, health care providers, insurance agencies, and more, would be involved in the creation of that model. He will also fight for more jobs, for giving incentives to local businesses so that they can grow and expand and not just giving tax incentives to out-of-state corporations who then come in and don’t have to pay taxes for 20 years. Paul also stated that he will work for farmers and make sure the people who need help in their time of need will receive it.

Paul stated that he knows the position will require hard work but is ready to work for the constituents, knows how to read and understand policy, and knows how to work with people who disagree with him while still solving problems.

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You can catch the full interview with Paul Walker below.