Paulette Gray of Community Disciples was in studio Thursday morning to give an update about Project Graduation.

Paulette told listeners that this was the fourth year that Community Disciples sponsored Project Graduation at Caldwell County High School and that they had about 117 out of 129 students attend the event following graduation in May. Paulette reminded listeners that Project Graduation is a way to allow seniors a celebratory event in an alcohol and drug free environment that’s full of fun and fellowship. Students stay at the high school from 11:30PM to 6AM and participate in several activities and games that give them the opportunity to win money and prizes. At the end of the night students walk away with a check in hand, as well as any prize giveaways they received throughout the night. Paulette stated that Project Graduation is only possible because of those in the community who donate money, prizes, and their time, and gave her sincere thanks to all those who donated this year.

Paulette then told listeners that the 14th Annual Community Disciples Banquet will be on Thursday, August 2nd at 6PM at the Northside Baptist Church ROC building. Walter Gale Bumpus will be the guest speaker. Paulette also reminded listeners that Dotson Day events will be held the weekend of August 3rd at Dotson Park in Princeton.

Paulette also told listeners about a new opportunity for seniors in the community; Seniors of the Village meets every Wednesday at 1PM at the Mary Jane Jones Center at 108 West Green Street in Princeton for seniors age 60 and older to come fellowship and have fun. All seniors in the community are invited to attend.

You can catch the full interview with Paulette Gray below.