The Princeton City Council met in regular session Monday evening at the Tourism Center in downtown Princeton.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Mayor Danny Beavers called the meeting to order and City Clerk Julie Key called roll. The council then unanimously approved the minutes from the July 16th meeting and Mayor Beavers presented the check register.

The council then heard various reports from the Princeton Fire Department, Public Works Department, ABC Council, Water Commission, Airport Board, and the Finance Committee. Princeton Police Chief Chris King then addressed the council stating that he had met with the Caldwell County Board of Education who are seeking an agreement with the city regarding the the School Resource Officer. The Board of Education would like the SRO to be a city employee, but stated that they would reimburse the city up to a certain amount. Chief King mentioned that the school district would like former SRO Brock Thomas to return due to his superior job in the position and his interest in keeping the students in the district safe. Chief King then went on to recommend that the city also look to hire another full-time SRO. After a motion and a second the council unanimously approved going forward into an agreement with the Caldwell County Board of Education to hire one SRO. The decision to hire another SRO will be worked out at a later date.

Code Enforcement Officer Dickie Thomas then stood and addressed the council showing them a photo of all the FEMA flood zones in the city. Officer Thomas stated that FEMA owns all the waterways in town but citizens own the land, therefore it’s their responsibility to keep any and all creek-banks on their property cleaned up to aid in proper drainage. He suggested that the city could form a Flood Committee to look at the problems and enforce any and all flood related ordinances. Public Works Director David Sullenger then stood and stated that most of the flooding issues experienced in town aren’t because of poor drainage due to messy creek-banks but rather because most of the rainstorms have dumped inches of rain in the matter of an hour. That much rain is too much for the city’s creeks to handle in such a short amount of time. He went on to say that normally water levels drain relatively quickly after downpours stop. Officer Thomas stated that he didn’t know the exact course of action the city needed to follow but made it clear that the city can not legally change the flow of water. Director Sullenger echoed those words stating that the city can not push their problems off onto someone else.

Mayor Beavers then gave his Mayor’s Report in which he stated that Police Chief King, Fire Chief Brent Frances, and several other city officials would be meeting with representatives from the Kentucky Transportation Department on Tuesday to talk about adding additional signage to direct trucks away from the city’s underpasses. He also reminded those in attendance that school starts back on Wednesday, August 15th and to be patient with the associated traffic issues as people get back in to the swing of the school year.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business of which there was one item, the second reading of Ordinance 07-16-2018, which was an amendment of the Personnel Pay Plan. The amendment fixes a typo in the pay rate for a Rank 6 Senior Officer. After a roll call vote the council unanimously approved the ordinance.

The meeting then moved to new business. The first item of new business was to approve a bid for the 2018 Audit. The city received two bids and Financial Secretary Stacy Boone suggested the city go with David Anderson, the same CPA who performed the 2017 Audit. Secretary Boone stated that the reason they city had not yet received the audit for last year is because they are waiting on the Princeton Water and Wastewater Audit, not because of any delay on Mr. Anderson’s part. Secretary Boone also stated that his bid was significantly lower. After a motion and a second the council unanimously approved awarding the bid to David Anderson for the 2018 Audit.

Randy Thomas, District Manager with the Waste Corporation of America, and Lana Alderdice, Major Account Manager with the Waste Corporation of America, then addressed the council about the recent buyout of Freedom Waste Service. Thomas stated that while WCA has acquired all of Freedom Waste Service’s hubs in Western Kentucky they will be keeping all current employees and trash pick up schedules but are now offering their employees many more benefits than they previously had. He also stated that WCA will be investing $6 million across all the facilities for much needed updates.

Mayor Beavers then entertained a motion to adjourn and after a motion and a second the meeting adjourned. The next regular session Princeton City Council meeting will be held on Monday, August 20th and is open to the public.