The Princeton City Council met in regular session Monday night at the tourism center in downtown Princeton.

After the meeting was called to order, the Pledge of Allegiance said, and a prayer uttered, the council approved the minutes from the July 17th meeting.

The council then heard department and committee reports. Princeton Police Chief Don Weedman stood to address the council telling them that after many months of consideration he had decided to retire and would be leaving the Princeton Police Department on August 31st. The council thanked Chief Weedman for his service and wished him luck in his next ventures. Fire Chief Brent Francis then stood to address the council saying that he was planning on requesting of citizens to not burn brush fires during the weekend and Monday of the eclipse. He stated the reasons behind this were the consistent calls the fire department receives that end up being false alarms due to controlled burns. He also mentioned that the Fire Commission will be sending 4 firefighters to join Princeton’s ranks during the eclipse and that he was hoping to have 12 on shift at a time at the station.

The council also heard from the Public Works Department, ABC Council, Code Enforcement Board, Water Commission, Electric Plant Board, the Airport Board, and the Main Street Manager.

Mayor Beavers then gave his report stating that with school starting very soon he was urging citizens to slow their speeds around town and watch for children and buses. He also congratulated the Community Disciples and Dotson Park Board for a wonderful Dotson Day’s weekend. He then reminded those assembled of the Fredonia Festival coming up this weekend.

Special guests from the Princeton Optimist Club then addressed the council. Roy Gene Rogers, President of the Princeton Optimist Club thanked the council for always supporting Black Patch. George Kilgore, long time member of the Princeton Optimist Club, then spoke up saying that they were working on including another live music venue and then asked potential festival goers to remember the new “Focus on Caldwell County” alley that will be in front of Circuit Court Clerk Danny Hook’s Office on the court square.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business of which there was only one item, the second reading of Ordinance 07-17-2017 which concerns the prohibition of any sale of alcohol at an establishment in Princeton without seating limits or food sales. The ordinance would not affect any of the current restaurants that serve alcohol, but would instead prohibit any full fledged bars from being opened within city limits. After a roll call vote the ordinance unanimously passed.

The meeting then moved to new business. Councilmember Kelly Crisp read two bids for the repair of the roof on the Senior Citizen Center. One from Swift Roofing out of Murray for $27,755 and the other from Peddit Roofing out of Princeton for $25,765. After much discussion Councilmember Jim Joiner made a motion to award the bid to Peddit Roofing, which was seconded, with the council unanimously approving.

Mayor Beavers then read four bids from C&C Fencing Company out of Princeton for the replacement of the fencing around Princeton Park. The first bid was for commercial grade fencing similar to what is already there for $8,100, the second bid was for industrial grade fencing similar to what is already there for $9,100, the third bid was for a thicker gage black vinyl covered chain link fence for $5,575, and the fourth bid was for a slightly thinner gage black vinyl covered chain link fence for $4,975. After much discussion Councilmember Crisp made a motion to accept the $5,575 bid for the vinyl covered chain link fencing, which was seconded, with the council unanimously approving.

Mayor Beavers then asked the council if they had any other comments. Councilmember Alyson VanHooser spoke up and told those assembled that there will be a movie in the park at the pavilion at Planters Park on August 19th at dusk. They will be showing ET. She then went on to say that after speaking with several of those involved in the Caldwell County Farmer’s Market, the council had come to a decision that the best location for the permanent pavilion will be between Princeton Park and the Senior Citizen’s Center. She stated that this location would be in close proximity to all that’s offered downtown, would provide public restrooms for the city, and would be available for use by anyone for a $25 fee. Councilmember VanHooser said that it was the wishes of the council to present the Pavilion Board with $35,000 to be used toward funding as they see fit to move the project forward. She also suggested a $4,000 budget amendment that would appear in every budget cycle for maintenance on the building. After some discussion between the council and Mayor Beavers on where this $35,000 would come from and potential structural issues at the location, Councilmember VanHooser made a motion to allow Jennifer Clark, the Farmer’s Market Representative for the City, to present the offer to the Pavilion Board. After a second by Councilmember Conger the council unanimously approved the motion. The Pavilion Board will now have to accept or decline the offer.

Mayor Beavers then called the meeting adjourned.