The Princeton City Council met in regular session Monday night at the Tourism Center in downtown Princeton.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Mayor Danny Beavers called the meeting to order and City Clerk Julie Key called roll, Public Works Director David Sullenger was absent.

The council then unanimously approved the minutes from the December 4th meeting before Mayor Beavers presented the check register to pay bills as presented.

The council then heard committee and department reports from the Princeton Fire Department, ABC Council, Code Enforcement, Water Commission, and the Electric Plant Board. Princeton Police Chief Chris King then addressed the council stating that the Princeton Police Department wrapped up the David Scott Memorial Toy Drive last weekend and were able to present toys to 105 children, helping 58 families in all. Councilmember Jim Joiner, who sits on the Airport Board, then addressed the council stating that engineers will be surveying the airport Tuesday and Wednesday, December 19th and 20th, and that repair work to the airport would begin in April 2018. All of the work is one hundred precent funded by the state. Princeton Main Street Manager Dakota Young then addressed the council and thanked the Rose & Garden Club for decorating the Planter’s Pavilion and Santa’s House, and for their $500 donation to be used by the city for decorations.

Mayor Beavers then gave his mayor’s report in which he thanked everyone for their hard work during this holiday season. Councilmember Pat George then spoke up reminding all assembled of the Christmas Dinner on Thursday, December 21st, at 11:30AM and the Country Ham Breakfast on Friday, December 22nd, at 9AM at the Frank P. Giannini Senior Citizen Center in downtown Princeton. If anyone wants to attend they need to call the center at 270-365-7446 a day before to reserve their plate. She also reminded those assembled of the 3rd Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Luncheon coming up on January 15th at Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Princeton.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business, of which there was none so the meeting moved to new business of which there was one item. The only item of new business was the first reading of Ordinance 12-18-2017 which concerned the Princeton Water and Waste Water Commission’s use of city streets. In order for the city to get a $1.4 million grant to replace 17,000 feet of aged and defective piping, the city has to pass an ordinance authorizing the use of city property, streets, alleys, and rights-of-way by the Princeton Water and Waste Water Commission. The ordinance was then read by City Attorney Todd Wetzel. The council will vote on the ordinance during the next Princeton City Council meeting.

Mayor Beavers then called for a motion to adjourn and after a motion and a second, the meeting adjourned. The next regular session Princeton City Council meeting will be on Wednesday, January 3rd, due to the New Year’s holiday, and is open to the public.