The Princeton City Council met in regular session Monday night at the Tourism Center in downtown Princeton.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Mayor Danny Beavers called the meeting to order and City Clerk Julie Key called roll.

The council then unanimously approved the minutes for the January 3rd meeting and the special called meeting on January 29th. Mayor Beavers then presented the check register to pay bills as presented.

The meeting then moved to department and committee reports. The council heard from the Code Enforcement Officer, the Water Commission, the Electric Plant Board, the Airport Board, the Community Economic Director (previously titled the Main Street Manager), and the finance committee. Princeton Police Chief Chris King then addressed the council stating that the department will have two new hires starting the police academy on March 18th and his hope is to be fully staffed by October. Princeton Fire Chief Brent Frances then addressed the council and mentioned that the roped off area in front of the old Johnson’s Furniture building on East Main Street was there due to an awning that collapsed and some crumbling of the facade on the side of the building. He said that people are working to get that portion of the sidewalk and street back open as soon as possible. Public Works Director David Sullenger then addressed the council and stated that the snow event in January cost an extra $32,000 just in overtime and equipment costs, but stated that the city still has plenty of salt left. He also mentioned that if anyone has noticed a pothole to call City Hall at 270-365-9575 and report it. A list will be compiled so the department can work to get them fixed. Interim ABC Administrator Julie Key then addressed the council stating that she was able to inspect all 18 establishments in Princeton and renew their alcohol licenses. All 18 are now in compliance with both city and state law.

Mayor Beavers then gave his Mayor’s Report in which he stated that there has been a few economic interests in our area as of late. A company has been contemplating building a storage warehouse behind Special Metals and potentially bringing in more factory work while another company is interested in the various titanium deposits across the county. Mayor Beavers then mentioned that the sidewalk grant the city has been trying to get for the past three years was finally approved on Friday, February 2nd. Bidding for the project will begin soon.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business, of which there was none, so the meeting moved to new business, of which there were three items. The first item of new business was the first reading of Ordinance 02-05-2018-1 which concerns a budget amendment to cover the Director of Finance vacancy and the purchase of new accounting software. The budget amendment will be an increase in general expenditures of $14,264.

The second item of new business was the first reading of Ordinance 02-05-2018-2 which concerns the codification update for the City of Princeton. Every five years the city must update it’s code of ordinances through the American Legal Publishing Corporation in order to stay compliant with federal law.

The last item of new business was the approval of Resolution 02-05-2018 which concerns the acknowledgement of the intention of the city to support the Farmer’s Market Pavilion Project through the contribution of land and funds. The city will donate land for the construction of the pavilion, up to $35,000 in funds to be utilized for the construction, and $4,000 annually to be utilized for the maintenance and upkeep of the pavilion. Both the $35,000 and $4,000 would be contingent upon budgetary constraints and inclusion of any designated funds within an approved budget ordinance. After a motion and a second the council unanimously approved the resolution.

City Attorney Todd Wetzel then called for adjournment into an executive session to discuss litigation. After a motion and a second, the meeting adjourned into executive session. The next regular session Princeton City Council meeting will be held on Monday, February 19th and is open to the public.