The Princeton City Council met in regular session Monday night at the Tourism Center in downtown Princeton.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Mayor Danny Beavers called the meeting to order and City Clerk Julie Key called roll, Councilmember Kelly Crisp was absent.

The council then unanimously approved the minutes from the May 7th meeting and Mayor Beavers presented the check register to pay bills as presented.

The council then heard reports from the Princeton Police Department, Princeton Fire Department, Public Works Department, Code Enforcement Board, Water Commission, Electric Plant Board, Airport Board, and the Finance Committee. ABC Board Administrator Brett Thompson then addressed the court and stated that Heaton’s Gas Station is now Princeton Food Mart One and that the business does have it’s liquor license. He also stated that the new Mexican restaurant being built in the old KFC building is expected to open sometime the first of June and is working on providing the proper paperwork for it’s liquor license.

Mayor Beavers then gave his Mayor’s Report in which he stated that he and the Financial Committee are still working to hash out a city budget. He stated that it’s been a bit tricky this year because of the increase in retirement funds and a shortfall in revenue.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business of which there was one item, the second reading of Ordinance 05-07-2018 which is an amendment to increase fees for several permits and certificates for Princeton’s Code of Ordinances. According to the amendment, fees are now as follows: $300 for new residential construction, $50 for an addition to an existing residential structure, $500 for new commercial construction, $250 for an addition to an existing commercial structure, $1,000 for new industrial construction, and $500 for an addition to an existing industrial structure. The amendment also had the following additions: the application for Map Amendment is now $500, the application for Conditional Use is now $100, the application for Dimensional Variance is now $100, and applications for signs, fences, and other accessory additions is now $50. After a roll call vote the council unanimously approved the ordinance.

The meeting then moved to new business, of which there were two items. The first item of new business was to approve Resolution 05-21-2018, which concerns the Road Aid Agreement. The resolution states that the city will receive $126,540.66 from the state to use for the construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of city streets. The city will receive the money in three installments. The funds are available because of the state gasoline tax. After a roll call vote the council unanimously approved the resolution.

The last item of new business was the approval of Executive Order 2018-07 which concerns the re-appointment of Sherman Chaudoin to the Princeton Board of Building and Housing Appeals with a term to expire on June 1, 2022. After a motion and a second the council unanimously approved the executive order.

The council then decided that they would hold a budget workshop on Tuesday, May 29th, at 4:30PM at the Tourism Center to go over the budget line per line.

Mayor Beavers then announced that Councilmember Kelly Crisp had turned in his Letter of Resignation and would no longer be serving on the city council. Mayor Beavers stated that the council will now be looking to appoint a new member to finish out his term.

Mayor Beavers then called for a motion to adjourn and after a motion and a second the meeting adjourned. The next regular session Princeton City Council meeting will be held on June 4th is open to the public.