The Princeton City Council met in regular session Monday night at the Tourism Center in downtown Princeton.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, Mayor Danny Beavers called the meeting to order and City Clerk Julie Key called roll, Fire Chief Brent Frances was absent. The council then unanimously approved the minutes for the November 6th meeting and Mayor Beavers presented the check register to pay bills as presented.

The council then heard from the various city departments and committees, including the Princeton Police Department, Princeton Fire Department, Public Works Department, and the Code Enforcement Board, among others.

Mayor Beavers then gave his Mayor’s Report in which he mentioned that the Christmas Parade in Princeton will be on Saturday, December 9th, at 5PM in downtown Princeton.

The meeting then moved to unfinished business of which the only item was the approval of the Public Safety RFQ bid presentation. After much discussion that concerned how the city was proceeding, a motion was made to accept the presentation from DLZ Corporation out of Louisville. DLZ will have a kickoff meeting sometime in the future with the council and other various city leaders to determine the course of action for the city to move forward in building a new public safety building. The kickoff meeting with DLZ would not cost the city any money and the city could decide against continuing the project if the financial burden was found to be too great. The council was split evenly in favor of and against the motion. Those against stated that they still did not want to proceed without knowing more of the financial information and those in favor stated that they felt the meeting would help answer those questions and move the project along. Mayor Beavers broke the tie by voting in favor of, therefore approving the motion.

The meeting then moved to new business of which there were several items. The first item of new business was to hear a request by a local business owner. Dale Haberlock, new owner of Cozy Living, then addressed the court stating that he was interested in putting up a sign at the entrance of Northfield Drive to advertise his business. After some discussion it was found that more information needed to be gathered about who owned the property where Mr. Haberlock wished to place the sign and where state mandated right of way ended before either the city or Mr. Haberlock could proceed.

The next item of new business was the approval of a bid for the fiscal year 2017 auditor. After brief discussion a motion was made to accept the bid from David Anderson in the amount of $14,500. He would be able to start the audit immediately and his bid was the best received as the lowest bidder couldn’t begin the auditing process until May of 2018. The council unanimously approved the motion.

The next item of new business was the approval of the Administrative Department software proposal. The council made a motion to accept the QS1 software at a price of $12,255.25 for a three year contract. The software is the same software used by the Princeton Water and Wastewater Commission and will help reduce the time spent on accounting. It will also make it easier for the Administrative Department to do payroll and once implemented the city will be able to receive credit card transactions for tax collection. The council unanimously approved the motion.

The next item of new business was to approve personnel requests. Mayor Beavers requested that the council approve that Code Enforcement Officer Dickie Thomas be allotted the $10,000 in the city budget set aside for the Planning and Zoning Director as he has taken over the duties. The sum would be paid out over the course of a year and would amount to a $4.51 raise. After some discussion a motion was made but the council was split evenly in favor of and against the motion. Those against the motion were not against Thomas receiving a raise but wanted to see the financial evidence suggesting that the $10,000 was indeed set aside and could be used before approving the motion. Mayor Beavers broke the tie by voting in favor of the motion, therefore it passed. Mayor Beavers then requested that Main Street Manager Dakota Young be moved into a full time position as he has shown his dedication to the city and maintaining the look of Princeton. Mayor Beavers also requested that both Deputy City Clerks, Jan Vied and Jenny Clark, be given raises as they have taken on extra responsibilities and duties after the recent passing of Director of Finance Diane Knox. The council requested that they be presented the financial impact of these requests before making the decision to approve or not.

A motion was then made to adjourn and the council unanimously approved adjournment. The next regular session Princeton City Council meeting will be held on December 4th and is open to the public.