Richard Nelson, Director of the Commonwealth Policy Center, was in studio Tuesday morning for a monthly update on what the Center is doing in and around the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Policy Center is, according to their website, a non-profit organization that is seeking to elevate the standards of conduct in the political process by preserving the bedrock values of life, marriage, and fiscal responsibility in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Center also seeks to educate the general public on critical issues of the day, work for policies that grow the Commonwealth, aims to protect citizen’s freedoms, and works to influence elections on behalf of conservative candidates.

Richard gave commentary on the Commonwealth and the nation as a whole including the Justice Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Nike’s ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick, the State of New York closing Catholic Charities, the proposed bill to post the nation’s motto, “In God We Trust,” in all public schools, and the upcoming mid-term elections.

Richard stated that what the country needs to remember is, despite our differences, people must work to have civil and thoughtful conversations. Only then will our country come together and stand united.

For more information about the Commonwealth Policy Center you can visit them online at here. You can also catch the Commonwealth Minute Monday through Friday right before 6AM and Commonwealth Matters on Sundays at 9:30AM.

You can catch the full interview with Richard Nelson below.