Rick Blackburn, Democratic Candidate for Caldwell County Judge Executive, was in studio Wednesday morning to talk to WPKY about his campaign.

Rick started out by telling listeners a bit about his history in Caldwell, stating that his family has been here for over 200 years, mostly working as farmers, but his grandfather, Albert Blackburn served as a Justice of the Peace for 12 years and then served as County Judge for 4 years. Rick, himself, worked for his father for several years before joining the restaurant business and then began driving trucks before operating his own CDL school. Rick then retired in 2014 from a local trucking company.

Rick stated that he chose to run because he wishes to see the county move forward and look to the future. If he is elected he will work on running an effective county by making sure the goals of each department are publicly documented, which in turn will allow citizens to review and give input to help improve processes on an on-going basis. He will also work to keep the budget fiscally responsible and to be fully aware about where each dollar in the budget goes. He stated that he will also focus on critical community issues by working closely with law enforcement on the ever growing opioid and methamphetamine epidemics. He will also work to keep the community safe by researching and implementing ways to protect families, schools, and students. Rick also said that if elected he will work to make Caldwell County investment ready for potential industries by demonstrating the amazing resources the county has that are uniquely desirable.

If you would like anymore information about Rick or his campaign you can contact him at 270-625-1895, email him at rickblackburn@live.com, or by visiting his Facebook page, Rick Blackburn for Caldwell County Judge Executive.

You can catch the full interview with Rick Blackburn below.