Roy Gene Rogers, President of the Princeton Optimist Club, was in studio Thursday morning to talk to WPKY about Black Patch and several other things happening around Princeton.

Roy Gene told listeners that the 80th Annual Black Patch Heritage Festival that was on September 9th was the best Black Patch Festival he had ever seen. The festival had an air of community about it and it was good seeing the street full of vendor tents. He also mentioned that they were planning on making the live music an annual event after the success of the Justin Reynolds Band. Roy Gene told listeners that the Princeton Optimist Club will be meeting at Hardee’s on October 3rd at 6PM and that everyone is welcome to stop by and talk about preparations for Black Patch next year.

Roy Gene then shifted gears and spoke about his recent trip to Caldwell County High School to meet with students involved in Gifted and Talented that are partaking in KYA. KYA is the Kentucky Youth Assembly and is a mock version of the general assembly for high school students. Roy Gene mentioned that several students are taking part in the experience this year and that it’s about $200 for each student to participate. He implored listeners in the community to step forward and help cover the costs for the students. Roy Gene mentioned how this opportunity is great for students so that they can learn how the nation’s government works and how to participate in government as they grow older.

Roy Gene then shifted gears again to speak about the upcoming James Ortt Estate Auction on September 30th located at 1005 Fairview Church Road in Princeton. The auction is through his auction company Heartland Auction and Reality. The main draw are two vintage tractors, both still run and are in pretty good shape. Roy Gene said that there are also many antiques, collectables, farm equipment and more available, including some vintage cars. He did say that they are in pretty bad shape but are classics. The auction will begin at 10AM and you can view photos of the items on, just search for Heartland Auction and Reality.

You can catch the full interview with Roy Gene Rogers below.