Sabrina Bishop, Pennyrile Regional Network Coordinator, was in studio Wednesday morning to talk to WPKY about human trafficking and to bring awareness of something that’s becoming a large issue in Kentucky.

Sabrina first gave a more defined definition of human trafficking, stating that it’s a form of modern slavery that exploits someone through force, fraud, or coercion. Sabrina went on to say that there are several different kinds, including child trafficking, sex trafficking, domestic trafficking, which forces people to work as domestic labor such as nannies or maids, and labor trafficking. Sabrina also said that human trafficking in the US brought in more money last year than Google, Nike, and Starbucks combined and that the eclipse will bring them to this area, where they are hoping to cash in with the influx of visitors. Because of this, Sabrina, and other organizations she works with, want to spread awareness and show people what to look for. Sabrina stressed that if something just doesn’t feel right about a situation to be aware that it could involve human trafficking. She said that sex trafficking may be the most prominent during the eclipse and gave some red flags to look. They included seeing a man with a group of women where the man speaks for the women, the women seem to seek his permission, the women are never seen alone but are always with the man or another random man, the women reveal no personal information, and the man is the only one with money and acts very controlling over the women. Other red flags to be aware of include juveniles who have older boyfriends or girlfriends, juveniles talking about crazy parties and inviting other friends to attend, someone who appears disoriented, confused, or shows signs of abuse, someone who is timid or fearful, someone who doesn’t control what they do or where they go, and someone with few personal possessions. Sabrina said that if you see any of these red flags you can call the national hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or if the situation is an emergency, you can call 911.

Sabrina also mentioned that all area motels and hotels will be on the front lines for recognizing human trafficking and will be receiving packets with red flags to watch out for. She also said that the national hotline number will be placed in bathrooms so that a victim can call for help if possible.

Sabrina mentioned that if anyone wants to help there a few things outside of bringing awareness that you can do. You can donate to organizations such as Free2Hope, Women of the Well, and Catholic Charities and donate to or volunteer at local crisis centers, like Victory Ministries in Paducah or Grace & Mercy in Hopkinsville.

For more information about human trafficking or to request flyers for your business or church, you can call Sabrina at 270-707-9735.

You can catch the full interview with Sabrina Bishop below.